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so far i have two other parts to this story that i haven't finished. i start them and like them but i get side tracked with the story itself and go off on a tangent, it's really annoying
this will be the third part that will probably not get finished but i'll post it tonight anyways

"Julla wasn't very happy, this blasted war had drained his funds tremendously, almost completely. The sooner he would be rid of it the sooner he could start selling again. He sat in his study going over some papers on this months operation costs and sales estimates and rubbing his swollen cheek. He didn't even want to see how his black eye looked. Down almost two hundred percent since Mizel came into town and took control of rationing the resources. Julla had been approached by Mizel when he first came to town, saying he needed supplies for the village and his army. Julla smiled as he thought about the vast profits he would make.

'Seeing as how I'm currently the only merchant inside these walls with any stock left I'll try and be fair to the cause and sell my supplies at one hundred gold raq per kilo.'
'One hundred?!' Mizel's right hand man, Hund exclaimed in disbelief. 'That's ten times the normal going rate, you can't be serious!'

'Unfortunately I must. I've lost so much business with the coming of this miserable war. My competitors have almost put me out of business. I consider myself lucky that I still have these supplies.' He tried to explain.

'Now is not the time to try and make a profit you fool. If we don't have food and medicines for our soldiers there won't be anyone to protect your stock, and what of the Ryeta when they come through here?' Hund said trying to keep his anger from showing. His face, a bright red at this point, had other ideas.

Julla enjoyed watching the young man become so agitated over this topic. 'The Ryeta, I'm sure, would give me at least that much for my supplies.' He said innocently.

'You would sell our stock to the enemy?! I should have you arrested for treason!' Hund was now standing up, his composure completely lost.

'Hund, sit. That will be enough.' Mizel's voice was calm and strong. He sat across the table from Julla but was facing his young officer. He turned back towards Julla, his ice grey eyes fixed Julla's brown. Julla shivered and blinked, looked to his desk then to the officer once again. 'Julla, I'll give you fifteen gold raq for a kilo, not a coin more.'

'I-I-I'm sorry commander, I'm afraid my prices are fixed until something further develops.'

'I understand.' Mizel rose to leave and offered his hand to the short round man. Hund was in disbelief. Mizel, a great strategist and master organizer had given in so easily. 'Hund.'

'Y-yes sir.' Still mystified.

'Have a small regiment of men open Master Julla's holdings and move the supplies to the warehouse next to the barracks, have guards on rotation protecting them and pay Master Julla two raq per kilo. Good day to you Master Julla.'

Julla's face went pale and he started sweating profusely. 'Y-you can't do that!'

'I can and just did, I played fair with you Julla but you had to go to far.' Mizel turned to leave.

Julla now furious and rose quickly, his chair falling to the floor on it's back. He pulled a long dagger from its sheath in his belt and ran towards the commander 'You bastard!'

Mizel spun on his left heel right as Julla tried to thrust his dagger into Mizel's right shoulder. The sudden move caught Julla off guard, he tripped, hit his head on a counter, fell to the floor and didn't move. Mizel closed the door behind him and told Hund to call the doctor to Julla's house to make sure he received the attention he needed and also that he get whatever medicine he would need for when he woke up. Hund smiled and left.

That was four days ago, the swelling had gone down little and he would soon have to go to the doctor for more herbs to help with the pain. Arrogant bastard, thought Julla as the door to his office opened. A dark haired man with a cloth wrapped around his head covering his left eye stood in the doorway. 'Ah, Eira. Come in, come in. Have you gotten your orders yet?'

'Yes. They'll be here in two weeks and want the bull and the wolf taken care of. My master thinks it would be easier if he didn't have to deal with these two when he arrives.'

'The effect that would have on moral in the city would be a great one indeed. Has he said how he wants this dealt with?'

'Yes, it has to be as bloody as possible. Fear is key to taking this city and just strangling them or a knife to the back won't do.' Eira started cleaning his finger nails with a blade he had removed from his sash hanging from his left shoulder. The knife was a foot long two inch wide blade, light weight, perfectly balanced and deadly at any distance.

'Hmm... Do you have any ideas yet?' Julla placed a poultice on his face, he cringed with the pressure.

'I do.'

'And what does your Master require of me?'

Eira smilled. pulled a piece of paper from his sleeve and slid it on the table.
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