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on the way home after movies at carl's place, i had this overwhelming sense of well being. this amazing feeling of life.
the day was gorgeous, warm and windy with a little sun, just enough for me to wear my sun glasses
i look for any reason to wear them, out of all the pairs of sun glasses i've ever had only two really suited me, none as much as my current ones now
the night even better than the day, getting a little cooler with a nice slow breeze, unfortunately it's thursday and people need to get drunk and let loose on thursdays, but thats little to no reason to let it ruin my day
i get home and the house is quiet, a nice welcoming feeling. most of the day was spent with someone in the house or around me and it was nice to be alone for a little while
i get to my room and a warm sleepy feeling hits me, my bed beckons but it has to wait, couple things i have to do before i succumb to it's desires
refreshing shower and back to the bed
the only thing that can really make this day anymore perfect would be sleeping next to someone i care about

the guys always joke about how i'm the slut of the group, which isn't saying much since there's only one other person who has a girlfriend who none of us have met and could quite possibly be a figment of his imagination ;P, but i do miss these quiet sharing - sleeping next to someone times
and i didn't really get that with vickie because when i was by her i couldn't wait to leave and when she was by me i couldn't wait to get her out

all switched up inside now
me wanting a different lifestyle
i blame iza! :P
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