eskander (eskander) wrote,

things i need to do:

finsh all the stuff on my list, the list btw is now on a pad of paper and despite my efforts seems to keep growing in size
if you can read this i want your phone number
i had a list of phone numbers on my wall, the day i left i took it to the living room for something and left it on the tv, fast forward to 2 weeks ago, the list is still on the tv in the living room, someone in their ultimate wisdom decides to put a cup of coffee on the tv which falls over onto the sheet
if that wasn't enough they left the coffee on the sheet and tv for god knows how long, it dried and hardened and then became a gooey sticky and deadly mess
i had to use a knife to get it off yesterday and in the process i tore off some of my middle finger's knuckle

at least it smelt nice
so anyway, i have to remake the list, and if you weren't on the list before, nows your chance to get on, oh you lucky peoples you

yesterday was an absolute blast, i missed hagning out with the guys and it was a perfect way to start it all again
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