eskander (eskander) wrote,

back in montreal
doesn't feel as weird as i thought it would

i have so much shit to do...
i added to that list i made before

•call steph
•call jason about work
•take the imacs to the shop
•call bell about phone bill i already paid
•buy glasses for the drugstore
•clean the apartment

i found out that dad and i are more a like than i orginally thought
we can talk to people, but talking to one another is a different story
like our ideas are our own unless someone else asks
also it's an unpleasant feeling talking to your father about him not always being around
it's like something you don't want to talk about but you know is coming
like that drunken relative the family doesn't like talking about

i stayed up for about 3 hours talking with eric last night
and i finally slept!

felt so refreshed this morning
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